9 Fictional Bands with Hit Songs


The Partridge Family

The Partridge Family, a popular television show that aired in the early 1970s, focused on Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) and her brood of five children, who suddenly find themselves with a hit song. The show chronicled the family's life on the road performing gigs, as well as their home life.

To promote the show, producers released a series of albums by The Partridge Family. Although the music was originally created by studio musicians with Jones singing backup, David Cassidy, who played eldest son Keith, quickly convinced producers to let him sing lead vocals.

The show and the band became overnight sensations, making Cassidy a teen idol. The group's most popular hits included the show's theme song "C'Mon, Get Happy," "I Woke Up in Love This Morning," and "I Think I Love You," which spent three weeks at number one in late 1970.