10 Stars Who Died During the Filming of a Movie


Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow, a tough-talking actor known for his role in the TV series "Combat!" as well as a string of B movies, was killed in July 1982 in an accident on the set of "Twilight Zone: The Movie" along with two child actors, My-ca Denh Le and Renee Chen. The script called for the use of both a helicopter and pyrotechnics -- a combination that proved lethal. When the pyrotechnics exploded, the helicopter's tail was severed, causing it to crash and kill the three actors. It was later discovered that the children had been employed illegally, to be paid under the table, because the director allegedly wanted to skirt California's laws against allowing children to work at night and around the potentially dangerous helicopter and explosives.

Although the filmmakers faced legal action from the accident, the project was completed and the movie was released in June 1983. It performed poorly at the box office, based partially on the controversy surrounding the accident [source: Noe].