10 Stars Who Died During the Filming of a Movie


Brandon Lee

Lee with his fiance, Eliza Hutton, in March 1992. The end credits of "The Crow" declare the film to be "For Brandon and Eliza."
Lee with his fiance, Eliza Hutton, in March 1992. The end credits of "The Crow" declare the film to be "For Brandon and Eliza."
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Brandon Lee, an aspiring actor and the son of martial arts star Bruce Lee, was killed in a stunt accident on the set of "The Crow" on March 31, 1993. Lee, who was 28 at the time, was playing a character who gets shot by thugs upon entering his apartment. Tragically, the handgun used in the scene contained a fragment of a real bullet that was propelled out by the force of the blank being shot. Lee was hit in the abdomen and died later that day.

The movie was nearly complete at the time of the shooting, but a stunt double was needed to finish a few remaining scenes, and Lee's face was digitally superimposed onto the stunt double's body for a few shots. Despite widespread rumors that asserted Lee's fatal scene remained a part of the movie that was released to theaters, any film of his shooting was actually removed during editing [source: Snopes].

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