5 Worst Cases of the Yips in Baseball

Author's Note

Author's Note: 5 Worst Cases of the Yips in Baseball

I had the opposite of the yips when I played basketball in middle school. I had one amazing game where they coach said, "Give Chris the ball" and the rest of my "career" was basically made up of me barely getting off the bench and missing shots when I did. So this topic amazed me when I began researching how many players have struggled with the yips. The yips seem different than a slump, which most every player experiences, because yips appear out of nowhere and actually inhibit a player from using almost any of their skill. Kind of scary when you think about it.

With all the press professional players receive when they get the yips, I'm surprised more players don't end up with them by just thinking about how scary it would be to actually have them. Baseball seems like a particularly vulnerable sport for the yips since players often have to make big plays by themselves. One bad throw or missed catch could literally lose a game. That's a lot of pressure!

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