5 Ways to Cheat in Baseball (That Aren't Steroids)

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Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Foul balls rocket into the stands, hitting fans on the way. Are MLB teams liable for injuries they might cause to fans? HowStuffWorks investigates.

Author's Note: 5 Ways to Cheat in Baseball (That Aren't Steroids)

There's no crying in baseball, except maybe when a cheating scandal blows up in a player's face -- threatening his career, his livelihood and his reputation. The baseball-adoring public has a remarkable ability to forgive its heroes for a wide (and wild) range of indiscretions. But collectively, this group that can remember the most obscure and esoteric of sports statistics never forgets when a player violates their trust. Records are revised with dismissive asterisks. Sure, cheaters' names become immortal, but in infamy. We may never know how many players and staff in the majors and minors have cheated and gotten away with it. For those who were caught and branded as cheaters (and those who will be) it's a label that never goes away.

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