5 Tips for Supporting Your Favorite Football Team


Get Creative

Paint your face and eat shish kabobs!
Paint your face and eat shish kabobs!
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While there's nothing wrong with wearing a nice store-bought hoodie to a game, some fans get creative with homemade body paint, costumes and signs. If you want to take a modest approach, there's often a tailgating booth where you can get your team's logo painted on your cheek. Some fans go all out, though, painting themselves from head to toe in their team's colors and spelling words with the letters on their bare chests, even on frigid winter nights. If you want to be even more creative (or warmer!) on game night, wear a costume that resembles your team mascot, or fashion your own unique outfit. The Oakland Raiders is one team whose fans are notorious for their outlandish costumes, which typically consist of some combination of skulls, chains, and spiked helmets or shoulder pads.

If spirited paint and costumes aren't your thing, try making a creative sign. These posterboard statements have become staples at football games of all levels, from the ubiquitous "John 3:16" sign to those that feature an acrostic of a TV network's call letters. Your sign can be funny, simple or highly-decorated, but remember to make the letters big enough so people around you can see what it says. You could even get a group of friends to hold a series of signs that spell out the name of your school or mascot. Whatever you decide to do, be considerate of those fans behind you who want to watch the game, too!