5 Tips for Supporting Your Favorite Football Team


Show Your Team Spirit

Almost every football program, from the smallest high school to the latest Super Bowl champions, has some kind of merchandise you can buy to show your support for the team. Often this gear is no more than a T-shirt, but larger and more profitable programs sell things like license plate frames, luggage and even personal checks. Louisiana State University, a perennial football powerhouse in the popular Southeastern Conference (SEC), offers more than 2,600 items in its official gear shop [source: LSUshop.net]. For some teams, selling this kind of merchandise can be quite profitable; in 2008 the University of Texas brought in more than $17 million via the sale of team merchandise, as well as advertising and sponsorship deals [source: Dexheimer].

No matter what size football program you support, one of the best ways to show your loyalty is by purchasing team merchandise. If you're driving to a game, consider buying some car flags to mount above your windows or a magnet to stick to the door. Some teams try to get their fans to wear the same color on game day, so look into getting a team shirt in that color. And not only will that logo coffee mug give your team a little advertising at your workplace, it will give you bragging rights every time your team wins.