5 Super Bowl Party Ideas


Neighborhood Tailgating

If you've ever been tailgating, you know it's an atmosphere that's hard to replicate inside a living room or den: the building excitement for the big game, the smell of burgers and hot dogs on the grill, footballs being tossed overhead, people-watching and socializing with friends. So if tailgating is your preferred way to party before the big game -- but you aren't able to make it to the stadium lot of the Super Bowl -- why not organize a tailgating party in your own neighborhood? Assuming the weather allows it.

The setup for this kind of party is about as easy as it gets: Simply set up a grill and some lawn chairs in your driveway and coordinate with other families on your block to do the same. Feel free to add some music and football or team d├ęcor for atmosphere, as well as footballs for kids (and adults) to toss around. The more people in your neighborhood who participate, the more of a tailgating environment you'll create.

And if you want to keep the community togetherness going throughout the evening, move the party to a neighborhood clubhouse or community center for the big game. You may not be seeing the Super Bowl in person, but you'll enjoy it with a rowdy crowd of friends.

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