5 Super Bowl Party Ideas


Destination Inspiration

Everyone wants to pull for the hometown team, but when they're not available, we sometimes fall in the corner of a nearby or regional team (unless, of course, they're a rival). Regardless of your reasons for supporting a particular ballclub, you can still have some fun with team locations on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan and they make it to the championship game, why not throw a party with a country and western theme? Play plenty of country music pre-game and decorate with Texas flair. Want the New Orleans Saints to make it all the way again -- or you're just a fan of the Big Easy? Have a Mardi Gras-themed party. Food can also factor easily into the motif. The Green Bay Packers are playing? Serve bratwursts and plenty of Wisconsin cheeses and beers. The Buffalo Bills? Offer several varieties of buffalo wings. The Chicago Bears? Deep-dish pizza, for sure.

And you don't just have to take your destination inspiration from the teams that are playing. You can build your theme around the city that's hosting the Super Bowl on the year of your party. If it's in Miami, try out a Cuban-themed party. Atlanta? Go all out with a Southern theme, complete with fried chicken and peach cobbler. You'll soon find that designing your party's theme around a city or region can equal lots of fun and creativity.

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