5 Super Bowl Party Ideas


Rival Partygoers

Let's face it, people like to take sides: Republicans vs. Democrats, Coke vs. Pepsi, dogs vs. cats. But there is nothing that brings out the competitive spirit more than sports. Unless all of your guests are rooting for the same team, take advantage of the competitive mood and incorporate it into your Super Bowl party's theme.

Start by asking your guests to wear clothing that represents the team they're pulling for. They can wear jerseys, team sweatshirts or just the colors of their team. You can also encourage them to embellish their look with face paint. Next, you can supply your guests with cheering accessories like pom-poms and foam fingers. Finally, you'll want to keep the two sets of fans on separate sides of the room. Decorate each side with hand-made posters supporting the team of that side's fans. You might want to leave out markers and blank poster board for your partygoers to make their own signs. Ideally, your guests will get into the spirit of the competition, with each side coordinating their own cheers and trash talk -- maybe even the wave.

If you plan this party well and have a lot of spirited guests, you can expect a boisterous evening.

Our next tip will show you a unique way to incorporate a specific team into your party's theme.