5 Super Bowl Party Ideas


The Ghosts of Super Bowls Past

Super Bowl parties always have a variety of guests. Some are hardcore football fans, others are just caught up in the spirit of the day, and then there are those who'd really rather be watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. If most of your guests fall into the first category -- and maybe even the second one -- they'll really appreciate this theme. It will allow them to relive the great games and players of Super Bowls gone by.

To capture the Ghosts of Super Bowls Past theme, decorate your party areas with vintage football memorabilia or blown-up posters of famous Super Bowl game scenes from throughout the years.

And don't forget to get your guests in on the theme. Ask partygoers to wear jerseys or apparel that represent their favorite game or player. You might even make it a bit of a costume party, having the guests also dress appropriate to the era of their selected game. For example, if a guest is wearing a Terry Bradshaw or Lynn Swann jersey, he or she might also get into the spirit of 1976's Super Bowl X by wearing bellbottoms and a headband.

You'll be surprised at the great conversations this theme will bring up!

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