5 Super Bowl Party Ideas


Potluck Party

When it comes to food, Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving as a day set aside for indulging and splurging [source: USDA]. But, of course, the Super Bowl calls for much more casual dining -- paper plates and napkins instead of linens and fine china. And rather than gathering around a dining room table, you and your guests will probably be perched over coffee tables and TV trays in the family room. You certainly don't want to slave in the kitchen for this event as you would for other holidays, so make it a chance to get your guests to carry some of the culinary burden by having a potluck party.

Potluck means each guest brings a dish that all of the other partygoers will share. But don't worry; there'll be no casseroles and macaroni salads on this day. A proper Super Bowl spread will involve only the heartiest of foods: ribs, wings, hoagies and chili. So, have each guest bring his or her favorite football food or snack. To ensure you don't have two or more people bringing the same dish, encourage your guests to sign up for a certain food beforehand. And keep in mind that some guests may need to prepare or warm up their food at your house to make sure it's fresh for the big game.

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