5 Super Bowl Party Games


Lip-syncing Contest

You know the drill. Just before the game, a popular singer stands before a silent, reverent crowd and sings the national anthem. It's powerful, beautiful and tear-inducing. But, likely, it isn't live. The singer, possibly doubting his or her capacity to hit difficult notes before a crowd of millions, lip syncs over a pre-recorded track. The halftime performers usually aren't much more reliable at singing live. So, in the tradition of lip-syncing performances good and bad, host your own lip-syncing contest. We promise hilarity will ensue.

For this fun activity, simply put on your favorite streaming service and have your guests perform their own renditions of the songs while lip-syncing the lyrics. For extra fun, encourage the partygoers to plan their acts ahead of time -- including choreography and costuming.

Your lip-syncing friends can choose any song they want, or they can recreate performances from Super Bowls past. Focus less on the technical aspects of the performances and more on the fun.

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