5 Super Bowl Party Games


Guessing Game

Whether you're playing the slots in Vegas or guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar at a church fair, there's something that draws people to taking a shot in the dark. So let your Super Bowl party guests have a little fun trying to predict the results of the big game. Allow them to make guesses (wild or educated) on such things as:

  • Who will be the MVP?
  • Which player will score the most points?
  • Which team will have the most interceptions?
  • How many total yards will be accumulated?
  • Will the singer of the national anthem perform live or lip sync?
  • What will be the final score?

Make sure all partygoers have submitted their guesses before the game. After it's over, go through the answer cards to see who the winners are. (And in cases where there are no winners, see who had the closest guess.) Be sure to have small prizes on hand for the winners. Anything from a football trivia book to a team mug will be appropriate and affordable.

Keep reading for another competitive idea.