5 Reasons to Join a Sports Club


To Relax

One of the greatest advantages of sports clubs is that most of them offer a long menu of non-exercise amenities unheard-of at your typical gym or fitness center. If you're feeling stressed from work or home responsibilities and the endorphins from the StairMaster aren't cutting it, it's time to hit the spa.

Massage services are standard at most sports club spas. Choose from Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot rock and sports massages. But massages are just the tip of the iceberg. How about some skin treatments? Seaweed wrap, mud wrap, zesty lemon cucumber scrub or cellulite-fighter wrap? Rejuvenating facial, micro-dermabrasion facial, anti-oxidant facial or men's facial? If yoga class didn't stretch away enough of your stress, try the sauna (dry heat from hot rocks) or the steam room (wet heat from steam) and melt away those worries.

Exercise is a great self-confidence booster, but so is a complete makeover. Many sports club spas include laser hair removal services, tanning beds, teeth whitening, and even a make-up consultation. Special bridal packages offer a nine-month pre-wedding package that bundles weight loss and body sculpting classes with skin care treatments and even ballroom dancing lessons. It might not reduce the stress of wedding planning, but at least you'll look great in that dress.

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