5 Reasons to Join a Sports Club


You Need Motivation

A personal trainer can do wonders for your motivation.
A personal trainer can do wonders for your motivation.
Darryl Leniuk/Getty Images

It's 6 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in February and you face the following choices:

  1. Stay in your warm, comfortable bed until 7:13am
  2. Get up, eat four waffles and watch morning talk shows
  3. Get up, get dressed in two layers of thermal underwear and a face mask, and go for a three-mile (4.8-kilometer) run in below-freezing weather

Let's face it: Exercise is seldom the first choice. There is always something you would rather be doing (eating, relaxing, watching TV) or something you need to be doing (working, running errands, going to school). Lack of motivation is one of the top exercise killers, but joining a sports club can help.

First of all, most of us associate value with money. When something is free, it's easier to dismiss as unimportant. But when we pay for a monthly sports club membership, we are motivated to get the most value out of the investment. If anything can get you out of bed at 6 a.m., it's the thought that you're wasting $30 by staying in.

Another great motivation to exercise is to sign up for a class at a sports club. Classes like aerobics, spinning, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and every combination thereof (yogalates, yoxing, spinlates, etc.) give you a scheduled time each week to get down to the club and work out. Added benefits of classes are instructors who can motivate you to work harder and a group of classmates to provide encouragement and even a sense of community.

If you can afford it, a personal trainer provides excellent motivation. Since you're paying extra, you're more likely to show up for sessions -- and it's harder to hide at the back of the class when you're the only student.

The next reason to join a sports club: everyone else!