5 Questions That Still Linger After Michael Jackson's Death


How much did Michael Jackson actually transform his appearance?

There's no shortage of rumors about Michael Jackson's plastic surgery. Exactly how much he had is unknown, but we do know he had at least two nose jobs -- he admitted to those. Doctors who treated him said that Jackson had cheek implants, eyelid surgery and a cleft added to his chin.

According to the autopsy report, Michael Jackson also had tattoos. His tattoos were permanent makeup, not a tribute to mom or military service. Jackson had dark tattoos to enhance his eyebrows, his lips and his hairline (along the front half of his scalp), as well as permanent eyeliner.

His hair, too, was enhanced. His natural hair was sparse, and naturally short and curly. The Michael Jackson we saw in the most recent years had long, straight locks -- as it turns out, Jackson's own thinning hair was connected to a wig.