10 Legendary Baseball Curses


The Curse of Rocky Colavito

The White Sox weren't the only team to be cursed because of greed. The curse of Rocky Colavito, some say, can also be traced directly back to the tight-fisted financial practices of the Cleveland Indians general manager, Frank Lane.

Right fielder Rocky Colavito was a star player, a real homerun hitter. In the two seasons that preceded his trade in 1960, Colavito had more home runs than any other player in the American League. He thought that entitled him to a raise, but Frank Lane disagreed and traded him to the Detroit Tigers. Maybe it was the cold-hearted way team manager Joe Gordon broke the news to him, coming up to Colavito on the field and telling him "That's the last time you'll ever bat for the Indians," but Colavito is still bitter about the trade. He's quoted in a 2010 Cleveland Plain Dealer article as saying, "I loved Cleveland and the Indians. I never wanted to leave" [source: Pluto].

The Indians bought Colavito back in 1965, but the move didn't reverse the curse. This, Colavito maintains, is because he didn't curse the Indians; Frank Lane did. Whatever the reason, the curse remains. The Cleveland Indians haven't won a World Series title since 1948. That could change in 2016, however. Our next curse has been in effect even longer. Find out which team has the longest-running curse in baseball history next.