10 Legendary Baseball Curses


The Mets Bobblehead Curse

Rumors of a curse have plagued the Mets for decades. It wasn't until 2002 when Gold's Horseradish began producing commemorative Mets bobblehead dolls, however, that fans had a scapegoat upon which to heap their many woes.

As Ken Belson of The New York Times details, nearly every Met who has ever been memorialized with a bobblehead doll has ended up fizzling out the following season. Mike Piazza was the first New York Met to have his likeness emblazoned on a bobblehead. The following year, he hit a piddling 11 home runs, down from 33 the previous season. 2003's winner John Franco went down with an injury. Kazuo "Kaz" Matsui (2004), Pedro Martinez (2005), Paul Lo Duca (2007) and Jason Bray (2010) all failed to live up to their hype after being enshrined in a figurine. 2009's Francisco Rodriguez injured his hand when he punched out his father-in-law, and 2011's Ike Davis was already on the disabled list when Gold's announced that they were commemorating him with a bobblehead [source: Belson].

The bobbleheads may be the least of the Mets worries, however. Some fans swear that the team suffers from a curse that's even more pervasive. What else could explain why such a promising team has spent so many seasons at the bottom of the league?

Many believe the Mets curse is lifting, however. In June 2012, pitcher Johan Santana (2012's bobblehead honoree) pitched a no-hitter for the first time in Mets franchise history. While some say the Mets curse endures (and will until they win another World Series), our next curse has recently been lifted.