5 Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips

Draft Speed Instead of Sluggers

Mike and Michael Harmon, authors of "The Savvy Guide to Fantasy Sports," note that most baseball fans are enamored with the sluggers who've defined the sport for the past couple of decades, and fantasy competitors are no exception. But when it comes to fantasy scoring, stolen bases have the same weight as home runs, even though steals receive a lot less attention, in part because power hitters are more plentiful than similarly adept base thieves [source: Harmon].

In a recent season, 37 players hit 30 or more home runs, while only a dozen players recorded 30 steals. And during one recent five-year period, hitters with 30-plus homers were 2.5 times as plentiful as players with 30 or more stolen bases. Nevertheless, when draft day comes, sluggers are the ones who fly off the charts. For that reason, the Harmons suggest taking a different approach. Look for a base-stealer with potential to generate productive numbers in other statistical categories as well.

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