5 Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips


Watch Your Oppositions' Moves

Winning fantasy baseball competitors have one thing in common with wily coaches and managers: They're always trying to decode the other teams' signs. Henry Lee, author of "Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Advanced Methods for Winning Your League," advises you to pay attention to other team owners to develop a sense of their likes and dislikes, strategy, strengths and weaknesses. Do they tend to go after players who happen to be on a momentary hot streak, or do they prefer players with a proven record of putting up good numbers [source: Lee]?

Paying attention to your opponents' moves during the draft can make a difference for you down the road. For example, write down which owners make the next-to-last bid for the players you end up with at the draft. If those opponents are interested in those players during the draft, they're likely to be receptive to a trade in the future, says Lee. On that note, keep an eye on which players other owners try to acquire as free agents, and those players' key attributes. Even if you don't have those players on your roster, you may have ones with similar stats or projections that the other owners might like to have in their corners.