5 Factors That Affect Olympic Performance

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How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

The Olympic opening ceremony is an emotional and inspiring parade of athletes. Learn about the Olympic opening ceremonies at HowStuffWorks.

Jessika Toothman, Staff Writer
Jessika Toothman, Staff Writer

Author's Note: 5 Factors That Affect Olympic Performance

This article was cool to write because it looked into so many facets of what it takes to succeed as an Olympian. I was also fascinated delving into the International Standard for Testing. You hear about this athlete or that athlete testing positive, but the coverage rarely gives details on how the process works. The document runs for 92 pages and is incredibly definitive, specifying aspects such as what constitutes a violation, how the selection process should proceed, how the testing process should proceed and how the appeals process should unfold. I was also a little amazed that any athletes attempt to dope. It's understandable to want to do anything that will give you an edge, but with this system in place, if you get caught, all your glory comes crashing down.

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