5 Extreme Jobs for TV Crews


News Helicopters

High-speed police chases make for excellent TV. Whether it's O.J. Simpson in his infamous white Bronco or just another criminal looking to make the five o' clock news, televised police chases draw in viewers like electromagnets. The key to any successful televised car chase, of course, is the omniscient aerial view provided by a swarm of news helicopters. Unfortunately, news helicopters have a way of becoming news themselves.

On July 27, 2007, troopers in Phoenix, Ariz. were in hot pursuit of a carjacker who had eluded capture for hours. Local TV news helicopters were following the chase and broadcasting live footage when tragedy struck. Two of the news helicopters, from KNXV and KTVK, collided in midair, sending both aircraft spiraling to the earth and killing all four crewmen and journalists on board [source: Giblin]. In 2008, a news helicopter crashed in Texas while chasing down a breaking news story, killing both of its passengers.