5 Extreme Jobs for TV Crews


On the Set of "Survivor"

Say what you will about reality TV, but "Survivor" is world-class entertainment. It's the ultimate voyeuristic TV experience, watching scantily clad castaways back-stab each other, starve and switch alliances on a quest for a million dollars. Every season, "Survivor" is set in another exotic location or uncharted locale. While the competitors suffer their fair share of injuries, mystery rashes and tropical bug infestations, the crew suffers right along with them.

Dr. Adrian Cohen is the Australian physician who has attended to the medical misfortunes of the show's 350-member production crew for every season since 2000. According to an interview in the Chicago Tribune, Cohen says the grossest crew affliction was a bug in Thailand that burrowed under the skin, producing a golf ball-sized growth with a worm floating at its center [source: Ryan]. One crew member lost a toe to a piranha in Africa, another drowned in Brazil, and every season brings a colorful new assortment of lacerations, broken bones and jungle-borne fevers dengue and malaria are crew favorites).

Even host Jeff Probst has been stung by both a scorpion and a jellyfish. Which gives us an idea for yet another reality TV spinoff: Surviving the Crew of Survivor!