5 Biggest Losing Streaks in Baseball History


Boston's Twin Streaks

Boston is famously cursed as a baseball city. The Curse of the Bambino, as it was known, held the Red Sox without a pennant from 1918 until 2004. What makes the curse so cursed is that before the 86-year dry spell, the Red Sox were arguably the best team in baseball, winning the first World Series in 1903 and picking up four more titles in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918. The only truly miserable year was 1906. And boy was it miserable.

In 1906, there were two major league clubs in Boston, the Braves (aka the Beaneaters) and the Americans, the team that became the Red Sox in 1908. Both teams tallied record-breaking losing streaks in 1906, making Boston the most joyless place to watch baseball outside of Mudville.

The Americans were the worst of the worst that year, with a 20-game losing streak and a phenomenal 49-105 record. The Braves put up a fight, though, with a 19-game losing streak and more than 100 losses for the season [source: Gonzalez].

Next on our list of the biggest losers is another double streak, this time from the same team.