5 Unforgettable Baseball Scandals


Marge Schott

On paper it looked like Marge Schott's story would be good for the sport. The wealthy widow who gave generously to charities throughout the Cincinnati area would become only the second woman in baseball to control a Major League team -- the Cincinnati Reds. But what came out of Schott's mouth during her tumultuous reign from 1984-99 was the problem. The brash, smoking leader repeatedly used racial slurs and ultimately drew the wrath of baseball for making complimentary remarks about, of all people, Hitler. She wasn't allowed to operate the team on a day-to-day basis and eventually sold a majority interest in the Reds for $67 million. When she died in 2004, Fay Vincent -- the former commissioner of Major League Baseball -- described her as "a tragic figure" [source: Goldstein].

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