5 Baseball Players Sent Back to the Minors

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Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Foul balls rocket into the stands, hitting fans on the way. Are MLB teams liable for injuries they might cause to fans? HowStuffWorks investigates.

Author's Note: 5 Baseball Players Sent Back to the Minors

Like I said, I'm a baseball fan, but that doesn't mean that I knew a lot about the history of some of these players. I enjoyed learning more about some players who were little more than names to me before. There are plenty of players who moved up and down in the minors, and in and out of the majors, during the course of their careers. So I tried to find the unique stories within that basic designation of getting "sent back." Every player who signs with a major league baseball team dreams of making it out of the farm system, but of those who do, many of them don't go on to have a significant career in the majors. There are just too many factors and too few slots.

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