5 Amazing Olympic Athletes

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How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

The Olympic opening ceremony is an emotional and inspiring parade of athletes. Learn about the Olympic opening ceremonies at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: 5 Amazing Olympic Athletes

I love the Olympics. Really, really love them. As in, I do little else but sit glued to the TV for the two weeks they run. (Uh, sorry Boss.) So, obviously, I extremely enjoyed writing this article. These were all such wonderful and inspiring stories. Reading about Jesse Owens, for example, definitely left me a little teary eyed. So did writing about Thomas Bimis and Nikolaos Siranidis. I remember watching them on TV as they found out they had emerged from the competition victorious. Their incredible excitement and pure elation is something I will never forget. And not to overlook giving Babe Didrikson a shout out here, she was simply one of the most amazing athletes ever. I'm such a fan I've even visited her museum. That was one impressive lady!

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