5 Amazing Olympic Athletes

Thomas Bimis and Nikolaos Siranidis
Aug. 16, 2004, is definitely a day these two will never forget.
Aug. 16, 2004, is definitely a day these two will never forget.
Photo courtesy © IOC/Getty Images/IML Image Group/Contributor

Greek divers Thomas Bimis and Nikolaos Siranidis were said to have absolutely no chance of medaling at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Instead they emerged as champions, earning the city its first gold medals of the games, as well as Greece's first ever medals in diving. Needless to say, they made a huge splash -- although, of course, that was with news media and avid fans, not in the pool.

Synchronized divers on the 3-meter platform, the duo was the only team to keep their cool throughout their series of dives, even after a man in a tutu broke free from the crowd, jumped up onto the diving platform, and with an advertisement emblazoned across his chest, proceeded to belly flop into the water below.

With badly rattled nerves, team after team choked following the incident, but the Greeks didn't let that bizarre intermission shake them up and they finished the competition victorious. Immediately following the judges' proclamation, however, they -- and a bevy of extremely fired up fans -- went wild with exhilaration and delight. The pair was enveloped in an ecstatic crowd, all of them singing, dancing and waving Greek flags with unadulterated pride.

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