1994 Baseball Season

More 1994 Baseball Season Highlights

See below for more highlights of the 1994 baseball season, including Bob Hamelin winning the American League's Rookie of the Year Award and Darryl Strawberry signing with the Giants.

  • Oakland's Steve Ontiveros wins the American League ERA crown (2.65).
  • Dwight Gooden of the Mets is suspended on June 18, 1994, for violating his drug aftercare program for the second time.
  • Kevin Mitchell of the Reds, Julio Franco of the White Sox, and Shane Mack of the Twins, all .300 hitters in 1994, opt during the strike to play in Japan in 1995.
  • Bob Hamelin of the Royals wins the American League Rookie of the Year Award on the strength of his 24 homers and .599 slugging average.
  • Boston's John Valentin becomes the second player in big-league history to perform an unassisted triple play and hit a home run in the same inning.
  • Damage to the Kingdome roof forces the M's to finish the season on the road.
  • Cleveland ties the Yankees for the highest American League team BA at .290.
  • Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker of the Tigers are keystone partners for the 18th straight year, a big-league record.
  • Jim Deshaies of the Twins has a 7.39 ERA, the worst since World War II by an ERA crown qualifier.
  • Chicago's Frank Thomas hits 38 homers in 113 games, leads the American League in SA (.729), and collects his second consecutive MVP Award.
  • Marvin Freeman of the Rockies goes 10-2 to lead the National League with an .833 winning percentage.
  • Carlos Baerga is unable to extend his record two-year streak of 20 homers, 200 hits, and 100 RBI by a second sacker because of the strike.
  • Raul Mondesi of the Dodgers wins the National League ROTY Award when he hits .306.
  • Bo Jackson announces his retirement after batting .279 for the Angels.
  • On June 29, Giants outfielder Darren Lewis's record of 392 consecutive errorless games comes to an end.
  • Steve Howe continues his bizarre career by posting a perfect 3-0 record for the Yankees with a 1.60 ERA and a club-leading 15 saves.
  • Although he has yet to win more than 16 games in a season, Dennis Martinez of Cleveland wins in double digits for the 16th time in his career.
  • Harold Baines homers in double digits for the 15th straight season, the longest current such streak in the Major League.
  • Ryne Sandberg retires abruptly on June 13, sacrificing his multimillion-dollar salary because he feels he can no longer play at his usual high level.
  • Steve Carlton is elected to the Hall of Fame by the BWAA, and the Veterans' Committee selects Leo Durocher and Phil Rizzuto.
  • The Padres are the only major league team to fail to draw a million, finishing with a 953, 857 attendance figure.
  • Albert Belle is suspended for three games when a White Sox claim that he used an illegally corked bat against them is upheld.
  • Dennis Eckersley ends the season with 482 career wins and saves, the most by any pitcher except Cy Young. Eck also continues to be one of the few pitchers with more than 2,000 career strikeouts and fewer than 200 career wins.
  • Tiger Cecil Fielder's string of four straight 100-plus RBI seasons is broken when the strike leaves him ten short.
  • A second suspension for substance abuse in June requires Gooden to sit out the entire 1995 season.
  • Thomas tops the majors with a .487 OBP. At the close of 1994, his Career OBP is the third in history only to Babe Ruth's and Ted Williams's.
  • The Giants sign free-agent problem child Darryl Strawberry after a torn Achilles tendon kayoes right fielder Willie McGee for the season.
  • Cubs announcer and Hall of Famer Harry Caray celebrates 50 years in broadcasting.
  • Eddie Murray is the only major leaguer to play 100 or more games in both the 1981 and 1994 strike seasons.
  • The White Sox sign basketball megastar Michael Jordan to a minor-league contract.
  • Jordan hits .202 with three homers and 51 RBI in 436 at-bats for the Double-A Birmingham Bulls.

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