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1962 Baseball Season

1962 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1962 baseball season saw the addition of two teams to the National League -- the New York Mets and the Houston Colt .45s. New York got another addition as well as it racked up another World Series win for the Yankees. Below, you will find the highlights from the 1962 baseball season:
  • The Yankees go off on another run, taking a third consecutive American League flag.

  • The Giants win the 1962 National League pennant in playoff.

  • The Dodgers are involved in the fourth pennant playoff since 1946 and lose for third time.

  • The Yankees eke out a 1962 World Series win in seven games.

    Sandy Koufax
    Sandy Koufax pitches a
    no-hitter on
    June 30, 1962.

  • Sandy Koufax of the Dodgers no-hits the Mets on June 30.

  • New York's Ralph Terry wins 1-0 over Jack Sanford in game seven of the World Series.

  • Bobby Richardson ends the World Series by spearing Willie McCovey's line drive, leaving the tying and winning runs in scoring position.

  • The Yankees win their 20th World Series in the past 40 years.

  • The Yankees hit just .199, the lowest batting average by a winning team in a seven-game World Series.

  • Dodger Maury Wills is the 1962 National League MVP, edging out Willie Mays.

  • Mickey Mantle is named the American League MVP.

  • Dodger Don Drysdale tops the majors with 25 wins and captures the Cy Young Award.

  • Tommy Davis of the Dodgers wins the 1962 National League batting crown (.346) and knocks home 153 runs, most by anyone in majors since 1949.

  • Wills steals a major league record 104 bases.

  • Mays leads the majors with 49 homers and 382 total bases.

  • The expansion New York Mets lose a modern major league record 120 games.

  • Jackie Robinson becomes the first black player inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • Sanford wins 16 straight games.

  • The expansion Los Angeles Angels finish third in American League and lead the loop as late as July 4.

  • The National League wins the first All-Star Game of year, 3-1 at Washington.

  • The American League wins the year's second All-Star Game, played almost three weeks after the first one, 9-4 at Wrigley Field.

  • On September 12, Washington's Tom Cheney Ks 21 Orioles in a 16-inning game, winning 2-1.

  • Bo Belinsky of the Angels no-hits Baltimore on May 5.

  • Earl Wilson of the Red Sox no-hits the Angels on June 26.

  • Bill Monbouquette of Boston no-hits Chicago on August 1.

  • Jack Kralick of Minnesota no-hits Kansas City on August 26.

  • The three Sadowskis -- Ted, Ed, and Bob -- are the last trio of brothers to all be active in the American League in same year.

  • Dodger Stadium opens on April 10.

  • Harmon Killebrew sets a major league record when he fans 142 times.

  • Pittsburgh reliever Diomedes Olivo, age 43, is the oldest rookie in major league history.

  • On October 2, the Dodgers and Giants play for four hours and 18 minutes, setting a major league record for the longest nine-inning game.

  • Cincinnati's Frank Robinson tops the majors in runs (134), doubles (51), and slugging average (.624), and leads the National League in on-base percentage (.424).

  • Davis leads the majors with 230 hits and 246 runs produced.

  • Pirate Elroy Face sets a new National League save record with 28.
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