1960 Baseball Season

1960 Baseball Season Highlights

Brooks Robinson wins his first Gold Glove. See more baseball seasons pictures.

The 1960 baseball season sees the making of greats and the retiring of greats. Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle begin their competition and Ted Williams hit his 500th home run and says goodbye to the game. Below, you will find the highlights from the 1960 baseball season:

  • The Yanks back on top in American League.
  • The Pirates win their first National League flag since 1927.
  • The Pirates capture the 1960 World Series in seven games.
  • Bill Mazeroski cracks a ninth-inning homer to win game seven of the 1960 World Series 10-9 -- it's the only home run in history to end a Series.
  • Harvey Haddix and Vern Law each win two 1960 World Series games for the Pirates.
  • Yanks outhit Pirates .338-.256, outscore them 55-27, saddle Pirate pitchers with 7.11 ERA, yet lose.
  • Oriole Brooks Robinson wins first Gold Glove as American League third baseman.
  • Manager Casey Stengel is fired after the 1960 World Series loss despite winning nine World Series in 12 seasons at New York helm.
  • Yankee Roger Maris is American League MVP.
  • Pirate Dick Groat named National League MVP.
  • For first time in major league history, both batting leaders hit under .330.
  • Detroit's Frank Lary tops American League with 15 CGs, lowest total to that juncture to lead a league.
  • On April 17, on the eve of the season's first game, Cleveland swaps Rocky Colavito to Detroit for Harvey Kuenn.
  • Branch Rickey's proposed rival major league, the Continental League, forces majors to expand for first time since 1901.
  • Annual income from television tops $12 million for the first time in major league history.
  • Lindy McDaniel of the Cards records 26 saves, new National League record.
  • Jim Brosnan writes The Long Season, probably the best book on the game written by a player.
  • National League wins first of two All-Star Games, 5-3 at KC.
  • National League wins the second All-Star Game two days later, 6-0 at Yankee Stadium; McDaniel earns a save in both games.
  • White Sox owner Bill Veeck is first to put names on his team's uniforms.
  • Veeck unveils the first exploding Scoreboard.
  • Baltimore's Ron Hansen is selected as American League Rookie of the Year.
  • Dodger Frank Howard is the National League ROTY.
  • Ted Williams hits his 500th homer on June 17.
  • San Francisco's Juan Marichal debuts on July 19 with one-hit shutout of Phils.
  • On August 10, Detroit trades manager Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland manager Joe Gordon.
  • Williams homers in his last major league at-bat on Sept. 28.
  • American League approves transfer of Washington franchise to Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  • American League grants expansion franchises for 1961 season to Washington and LA.
  • Reds second baseman Billy Martin punches Cubs pitcher Jim Brewer in an on-the-field fight, breaking his cheekbone.
  • Orioles manager Paul Richards devises a catcher's mitt 50 inches in circumference to handle Hoyt Wilhelm's knucklers.
  • Milwaukee's Lew Burdette no-hits Phils on August 18.
  • Warren Spahn no-hits the Phillies on Sept. 16.
  • Ernie Banks leads the majors with 41 homers.
  • Mickey Mantle leads the American League in homers (40), runs (119), and total bases (294).
  • Don Cardwell of the Cubs no-hits Cards on May 15.
  • Spahn and Cardinal Ernie Broglio top majors with 21 wins.

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