1945 Baseball Season

More 1945 Baseball Season Highlights

See below for more highlights of the 1945 baseball season, including the Chicago Cubs' triumphant 20 doubleheaders and the many inductions into the Baseball Hall of Fame:

  • Philly's Andy Karl pitches 167 innings in relief to set a National League record that will last until 1974.
  • Karl ties with the Giants' Ace Adams for the most saves in the major leagues (15).
  • Jim Turner of the Yankees is the only American League player with more than five saves; he has ten.
  • On July 21, the Tigers and A's play to 1-1 tie in 24 innings -- Les Mueller pitches 19 2/3 innings for Detroit.
  • The Chicago Cubs sweep 20 doubleheaders to break their own year-old record.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals lose Stan Musial and Walker Cooper to armed services prior to season, finish 3 games back of Cubs without them.
  • Tommy Holmes tops the National League in hits (224), doubles (47), total bases (367), and SA (.577).
  • The A's and the Phils both end war years as they began them in 1941 -- in last place.
  • The American League hits just 430 homers -- 147 fewer than National League.
  • Red Barrett, pitching for the Braves and Cardinals, leads the National League in wins with 23.
  • Former major leaguer Harry O'Neill is killed in the Iwo Jima assault.
  • Steve Gerkin of the A's, in his only season in the major leagues, sets an American League season record for losses without a win when he goes 0-12.
  • The A's score just 494 runs on the year.
  • A rule is put in that says a player must have 400 at-bats to qualify for a bat title.
  • Phillie Vince DiMaggio leads the National League batters in Ks a record fourth straight year.
  • Cincinnati's Eddie Miller leads the National League shortstops in FA for the fifth time to tie the National League record.
  • On Sept. 17, Bill Nicholson makes a National League record ten putouts by a right fielder.
  • Lon Warneke retires at end of the 1945 baseball season with a major league record skein of 163 errorless games by a pitcher.
  • Cleveland plays only 147 games, the fewest in history by a team on a 154-game schedule.
  • Early in the season, the Cards swap Mort Cooper to Braves for Barrett and $100,000.
  • In July, the Cubs buy Hank Borowy from the Yankees for $97,000.
  • Hank Borowy wins 21 games -- ten in the American League and 11 in the National League.
  • In December, Cleveland sends Jeff Heath to Washington for George Case.
  • Brooklyn has three of the four top run-scorers in the majors: Eddie Stanky (128), Goody Rosen (126), and Augie Galan (114).
  • The Dodgers lead the major league in runs (795).

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