1945 Baseball Season

1945 Baseball Season Highlights

With baseball superstars such as Hank Greenberg and Bob Feller back in the game from the war, the 1945 baseball season was destined to be great. From Greenberg's pennant win for Detroit to Charlie Keller's late season (and explosive) return to the Yankees, the season was filled with plenty of unforgettable moments.

Below you will find major highlights from the 1945 baseball season:

  • The Tigers win the American League flag by 1-1/2 games.
  • The Cubs triumph in the National League.
  • The Tigers take the 1945 World Series in seven games.
  • Chicago's Phil Cavarretta leads all World Series hitters with .423 average.
  • Hal Newhouser is knocked out of the box in the 1945 World Series opener, but comes back to win two games, including decisive game seven.
  • Greenberg returns from service on July 1, hits grandslam on season's final day to clinch pennant for Detroit.
  • Cavarretta is named National League MVP.
  • Newhouser wins second straight American League MVP.
  • Boston's Tommy Holmes hits in 37 consecutive games -- a new modern National League record.
  • Holmes becomes the only player ever to lead a league in homers (28) and fewest batter Ks (nine).
  • Yankee Snuffy Stirnweiss tops the American League in BA at just .309.
  • One-armed outfielder Pete Gray plays the full season for Browns, hitting .218.
  • Washington is second in the American League. The team loses a shot at the pennant when outfielder Bingo Binks loses fly ball in sun in season's final game.
  • Brooklyn's Dixie Walker tops the majors with 124 RBI and 218 runs produced.
  • Walker is the last RBI leader to hit fewer than ten homers.
  • Stirnweiss tops the American League with .476 SA -- the lowest in American League history by a leader.
  • Snuffy Stirnweiss leads the American League in runs (107), hits (195), and triples (22).

    Happy Chandler was baseball’s second Commissioner.
    Albert Benjamin "Happy"
    Chandler was baseball’s
    second Commissioner.

  • Hal Newhouser tops majors with 25 wins, 1.81 ERA, 212 Ks, and 29 CGs.
  • Newhouser tops the American League in every major department for starting pitchers, and majors in all but win pct.
  • The 1945 All-Star Game was not held due to World War II. This was the only cancellation in baseball history.
  • On August 20, Dodgers shortstop Tommy Brown, age 17, became the youngest player in major league history to homer.
  • Dick Fowler of the A's no-hits the Browns on Sept. 9, 1945.
  • The Chicago Cubs beat Cincinnati 21 times.
  • Brooklyn's Eddie Stanky sets new National League record for walks with 148.
  • Bert Shepard, a one-legged pitcher, appears in game for Washington.
  • Senators hit only one home run in their home park -- and that's an inside-the-park homer by Joe Kuhel.
  • Boston's Boo Ferriss wins 21 games as a rookie, is second in the American League in innings (265) and CGs (26).
  • Ferriss sets an American League record when he's unscored upon in his first 22 innings in the majors.

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