1943 Baseball Season

1943 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1943 baseball season was greatly affected by World War II, along with the loss of key players to the military. While morale was low at times around the country, somehow, history was still being made in the sport of baseball. Take, for instance, the debut of the first twinight doubleheaders.

Below you will find major highlights from the 1943 baseball season:

  • The Yankees repeat in the American League, earning their seventh flag in eight years.
  • The Cardinals also repeat in National League.
  • Yankees turn the tables on the Cards in the 1943 World Series; Yanks win in five games.
  • Yankee Spud Chandler's two CG wins is top World Series performance.
  • Yankee Billy Johnson leads World Series players in hits with just six.
  • Joe McCarthy collects the last of his record seven World Series wins.
  • McCarthy takes the last of his American League record (since broken) eight pennants.
  • Spud Chandler is the American League MVP.
  • Stan Musial is National League MVP, beating out Cardinal teammate Walker Cooper.
  • Musial wins his first National League bat crown (.357).
  • Musial leads the National League in OBP (.425), SA (.562), hits (220), doubles (48), triples (20), and total bases (347).

    Luke Appling was star shortstop for the Chicago White Sox for close to 20 years.
    Luke Appling was star
    shortstop for the Chicago
    White Sox for close to
    20 years.

  • Chicago's Luke Appling becomes lone American League shortstop to win two bat crowns (.328).
  • Appling leads the American League in OBP (.419).
  • Detroit's Rudy York tops the American League in homers (34) and RBI (118).
  • York leads the American League in runs produced (174), SA (.527), and total bases (301).
  • Chicago's Bill Nicholson leads the National League in homers (29), RBI (128), and runs produced (194).
  • Major League teams are forced to conduct spring training in northern sectors due to World War II travel restrictions.
  • The Browns add to their ongoing major league record when they complete their 42nd season without having won a pennant.
  • Ace Adams is the first pitcher to appear in 60 or more games two years in a row.
  • Washington finishes second in American League -- its best showing since 1933.
  • On May 2, Phillie Schoolboy Rowe becomes the first pitcher to hit a grand slam in each league.
  • Boston Red Sox Jim Tabor leads American League third basemen in errors for a fifth straight year.
  • New York Yankee Nick Etten goes 77 at-bats without hitting a single (though he does get other hits).
  • Prior to the 1943 baseball season, the Yanks get Etten from the Phils for four players and $10,000.
  • The Twin Ports League, the only Class E league in OB history, disbands on July 13.

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