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1942 Baseball Season

1942 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1942 baseball season featured some of the greatest players to ever take the field. Hall-of-Famers like Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and Mel Ott all had career years that helped cement their places in baseball history. Below, you will find the highlights from the 1942 baseball season:

  • The Cardinals win in the National League Championship.

  • The Yankees win the American League Championship for the second straight year.

    Red Ruffing
    Yankees pitcher Red
    Ruffing was able to prevent
    the Yanks from getting
    swept by the Cardinals in
    the 1942 World Series.

  • The Cards are first team since 1926 to beat the Yanks in the World Series, winning in five games.

  • The Yankees are spared from being swept in the 1942 World Series only because Red Ruffing wins the opener.

  • Cardinal Johnny Beazley is the 1942 World Series hero with two complete-game wins.

  • Yankee Phil Rizzuto is the top hitter in the 1942 World Series with a .381 batting average and eight hits.

  • Mort Cooper of the Cards wins the National League MVP Award.

  • Joe Gordon of the Yanks is the American League MVP.

  • Williams wins the Triple Crown (.356 BA, 36 homers, 137 RBI), but once again loses out on the MVP Award.

  • Williams also leads the American League in runs (141), walks (145), runs produced (242), total bases (338), OBP (.499), and SA (648).

  • Gordon leads league in errors at his position, strikeouts, and double plays grounded into, though he hits .322 with 103 RBI.

  • The Phils finish last for the National League record fifth consecutive year.

  • Cleveland's Lou Boudreau, age 24, is the youngest manager to begin the season at the helm of team.

  • Cooper tops National League with 22 wins and the majors with 1.77 ERA and ten shutouts.

  • Beazley wins 21 games as a rookie, enters the armed services, and is never again an effective pitcher.

  • Boston's Tex Hughson tops the American League in wins (22), innings (281), and CGs (22), and ties for lead in Ks (113).

  • The Dodgers' 104 wins tie the major league record for most wins by an also-ran.

  • Ott wins his last National League home run crown (30).

  • Ott tops the National League in runs (118) and walks (109).

  • Ott walks 100 times for a record seventh consecutive year.

  • Ernie Lombardi, now with the Braves, is awarded the batting title with .330 BA but only 309 at-bats.

  • Most sources credit Enos Slaughter as the National League BA leader (.318 in 591 at-bats).

  • The Baseball Hall of Fame inducts Rogers Hornsby.

  • The Braves trade Eddie Miller to the Reds for Eddie Joost, Nate Andrews, and cash.

  • The Braves trade Buddy Hassett and Gene Moore to the Yankees for Tommy Holmes.

  • Branch Rickey is fired as the Cards' general manager.

  • The Phils' 354 RBI are the fewest by any team since the dead-ball era.

  • Danny Litwhiler tops the Phils with just 56 RBI.

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