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1941 Baseball Season

1941 Baseball Season Headlines

Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams took their games to a whole new level during the 1941 baseball season. Read about some of the headlines from the year below.

1941 Brooklyn Dodger Fans Disappointed

The Bums lost all three of their home meetings to the Yankees, dropping the 1941 World Series in five games. Dodger fans would have to "wait 'til next year."

Ted Williams Hits Highs

Although fans still talk about the .406 average Ted Williams tallied in 1941, he boasted other stats that were equally phenomenal. His .551 on-base percentage was the greatest until 2002. He also slugged .735.

Hugh Casey Saves Seven

Hugh Casey was the National League's premier relief pitcher both before and after World War II. Casey won 14 games (seven saves) in 1941. After excelling in the 1947 World Series, he lost his effectiveness and was in the minors by 1950. The following summer, when a return to the majors failed to materialize, Casey committed suicide.

1941 New York Yankees Win Championship

Rookie New York Yankees first baseman Johnny Sturm played every game in the 1941 World Series against Brooklyn but was not invited back after he hit .239 during the regular season. Also a rookie, Phil Rizzuto, lasted until 1956. Along with powerful hitting and excellent pitching, the Yankees set a major league record by turning 196 double plays.

Dolph Camilli Named National League MVP

Dolph Camilli won the 1941 National League MVP Award, leading the league with 34 homers and 120 RBI. Two of Camilli's Brooklyn teammates, Pete Reiser and Whit Wyatt, finished second and third in the balloting, and three other Dodgers were among the top 11 vote-getters. The Dodgers were quite potent. Brooklyn led the National League in runs (800), doubles (286), triples (69), homers (101), batting (.272), and slugging (.405). The pitching staff led the National League in ERA (3.14).

Pee Wee Reese Shines

Pee Wee Reese arrived in Brooklyn in 1940, the same season that Lou Boudreau first made his mark and a year before Phil Rizzuto came alive. In 1941, Reese tallied 136 hits and 46 RBI.

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