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1939 Baseball Season

More 1939 Baseball Season Headlines

Following are more headlines from the 1939 baseball season, including some famous moments from the 1939 World Series.

Paul Derringer Back on Track

Paul Derringer, the last pitcher to lose 25 or more games in a season, had a 7-25 record for Cincinnati after coming to the Reds from the Cardinals early in the 1932 season. With the pennant-winning Reds in 1939, Derringer was 25-7, the exact reverse of his 1932 figures. Despite his outstanding record, Derringer yielded 321 hits in 301 innings.

Jimmie Foxx Tops American League in Home Runs

During his career, Jimmie Foxx played every position except second base. Not only did Foxx lead the American League in homers in 1939 (35), he also made his first mound appearance. His perfect relief inning remained his only hurling experience until 1945, when he toed the rubber nine times for the last-place Phillies and registered a 1.59 ERA in 222/3 innings, yielding just 13 hits.

Joe DiMaggio's Hit Triggers Bizarre Play

Some of the most famous moments in World Series history include: When Yankees rookie star Charlie Keller sprinted plateward in the tenth inning of game four of the 1939 World Series as Reds catcher Ernie Lombardi awaited the throw. Frank Crosetti had already scored on Joe Dimaggio's single. The umpire was former major league third baseman Babe Pinelli.

Charlie Keller Crosses the Plate

Charlie Keller scored after he slammed into Lombardi and jarred the ball loose. The impact left the 230-pound Lombardi so stunned that he nearly lost consciousness. Keller weighed only 185 pounds but was so strong that his nickname was "King Kong."

Ernie Lombardi Languishes in Dust

In the 1939 World Series, as Lombardi was sprawled beside the plate, DiMaggio slid across it. One cannot resist wondering where the other Reds players were while DiMaggio circled the bases. In any event, his tally enabled the Yankees to take a 7-4 lead in the contest. The Reds committed three errors in the fateful tenth inning.

1939 New York Yankees Walk Away Winning

During the 1939 World Series, third baseman Billy Werber and Frank Crosetti came to the assistance of the stricken Lombardi. Meanwhile, DiMaggio walked away and Bill Dickey, the on deck hitter, exhorting on the amazing occurrences he had just witnessed. New York shut down the Reds in the bottom of the inning to win its fourth consecutive World Series Championship.

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