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1935 Baseball Season

More 1935 Baseball Season Highlights

Following are more highlights from the 1935 baseball season, including the first home run at a night game by Cub Babe Herman.

  • Hank Greenberg's 170 RBI top the majors by 40 and the American League by 51.

  • The Cubs win 21 straight games, setting a record for most consecutive wins without a tie.

  • Vern Kennedy of the White Sox no-hits Cleveland on August 31.

  • The American League wins the All-Star Game 4-1.

  • William Wrigley of the Cubs is the first owner to allow all of his team's games to be broadcast.

  • On July 5, Al and Tony Cuccinello become the first brothers on opposing teams to homer in the same National League game.

  • On July 10, Cub Babe Herman hits the first homer in a night game.

  • The Tigers' $6,544.76 1935 World Series share is the highest prior to 1948.

  • Wally Berger of the cellar-dwelling Braves leads the National League in homers (34) and RBI (130).

  • Ducky Medwick leads the National League in total bases (365) and runs produced (235).

  • Chicago's Augie Galan tops the National League in runs (133) and steals (22).

  • Galan is the first player to play an entire 154-game season without grounding into a double play.

  • Lou Gehrig paces the American League in runs (125) and walks (132).

  • Jimmie Foxx leads the American League in SA (.636) and ties Hank Greenberg for the American League homer crown (36).

  • After selling most of their top talent, the A's finish last in 1935.

  • After the 1935 season, the A's sell Foxx and Johnny Marcum to the Red Sox for $150,000.

  • Joe Vosmik leads the American League in hits (216), doubles (47), and triples (20).

  • Hank Greenberg leads in total bases (389) and runs produced (255).

  • Cub Phil Cavarretta, age 19, compiles 82 RBI and plays in the 1935 World Series.

  • Len Koenecke of the Dodgers is killed by the pilot in a fight on a private plane.

  • On Sept. 29, Pirate Pep Young becomes the first non-pitcher since 1893 to whiff five times in a game.

  • Cleveland sends Monte Pearson and Steve Sundra to the Yankees for Johnny Allen.

  • Cardinals catcher Bill DeLancey is felled by TB.

  • Babe Herman tops the National League in doubles with 57, a record for National League second basemen.

  • Cincinnati's Ival Goodman tops the National League in triples with 18.

  • Bill Lee of the Cubs wins 20 games and tops the National League in win pct. (.769).

  • Pirates Cy Blanton (2.59) and Bill Swift (2.69) finish one-two in ERA.

  • Boston's Billy Werber wins his second straight steals crown (29).

  • Detroit leads the majors in both batting (.290) and fielding (.978).

  • The Cubs' middle infielders, Babe Herman and Billy Jurges, both lead the National League at their respective positions in all major fielding departments.
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