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1932 Baseball Season

1932 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1932 baseball season marked the end of an era -- it was the first time in six seasons that Babe Ruth did not lead the American League in home runs. The season ended with a famous moment in World Series history. Find highlights from the 1932 baseball season below.
  • The Yankees win their first flag under Joe McCarthy.

  • The Cubs triumph in the National League after Charlie Grimm replaces Rogers Hornsby as manager.

    Bill Terry
    Bill Terry replaced John
    McGraw as the Giants
    manager in 1932.

  • John McGraw steps down as Giants manager after 40 games and turns the reins over to player Bill Terry.

  • The Yankees sweep the third World Series in a row in which they've appeared.

  • In game three of the 1932 World Series, Babe Ruth hits two home runs.

  • According to some, Ruth "calls" his last Series homer, pointing toward where it eventually lands.

  • Overshadowed by Ruth, Lou Gehrig leads all Series hitters with a .529 BA, three homers, and eight RBI.

  • Philly's Jimmie Foxx is selected American League MVP.

  • Philly's Chuck Klein is the National League MVP.

  • Foxx wins the Triple Crown in the American League (though some sources give the bat title to Boston's Dale Alexander).

  • Foxx's 58 homers are the most at this juncture by anyone other than Ruth.

  • Al Crowder of Washington tops the majors with 26 wins.

  • The Red Sox again tumble into the cellar and set a new club record for losses with 111.

  • St. Louis rookie Dizzy Dean tops the National League with 191 Ks.

  • Lon Warneke of the Cubs is the National League's top winner with 22.

  • Warneke leads the National League in ERA (2.37) and win pct. (.786).

  • Lefty Grove leads the American League in ERA (2.84).

  • Grove "slips" to 25 wins and posts his most losses (ten) since 1927.

  • Red Ruffing leads the American League in Ks (190).

  • Brooklyn's Lefty O'Doul wins his second National League bat crown in four years.

  • Paul Waner sets an National League record (since broken) with 62 doubles.

  • New York's Mel Ott wins his first National League homer crown (38).

  • After the 1932 season, the A's sell Al Simmons, Jimmy Dykes, and Mule Haas to the White Sox for $100,000.

  • Giant Sam Leslie sets a new major league record with 22 pinch hits.

  • On June 27, Goose Goslin becomes the first to hit three homers in a game three times in his career.

  • Ray Hayworth of the Tigers becomes the first catcher to work 100 consecutive errorless games.

  • Brooklyn's Johnny Frederick hits a record six pinch-hit home runs during the season.
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