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1932 Baseball Season

More 1932 Baseball Season Headlines

Following are more headlines from the 1932 baseball season, including Yankees winning the 1932 World Series.

Bill Terry Takes Over Reins

When Bill Terry replaced John McGraw as the Giants manager in 1932, the club was six games under .500. The Giants finished ten games below .500 that year, despite outscoring their opponents by 49 runs. In contrast, the Pirates finished second, 18 games over .500, while giving up ten more runs than they scored.

New York Yankees Win 1932 World Title

When the New York Yankees won the 1932 World Series Championship, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Herb Pennock were the only members on the New York Yankees' first World Championship squad in 1923.

Al Crowder Tops American League in Wins

Al Crowder was nicknamed "General" by admirers in memory of General Enoch Crowder, a World War I hero. In 1928, he became the only Browns hurler ever to top the American League in win percentage; that same year, he shut out the World Champion Yankees in two consecutive starts against them. In 1932, he led the circuit with 26 wins. Crowder's control in 1932 was impeccable. He pitched 327 innings without hitting a batter and without throwing a wild pitch. He did, however, walk a fair amount of batters (77).

John McGraw Bids Farewell

John McGraw won his last pennant in 1924, and by the time he stepped down as the Giants manager in 1932 (leaving the team at 17-23), much of the aura that surrounded him had dimmed. He had become, said Bill Terry, "the type of fellow who would call all your pitches until you got in a spot, then he'd leave you on your own." Nevertheless, McGraw's career managerial record was astounding. In 33 years, he won 4,879 games -- second only to Connie Mack. Little Napoleon guided his team to ten pennants.

Goose Goslin Tallies 104 RBI

Goose Goslin and Senators owner Clark Griffith had what seemed at times to be a father-son relationship. Piqued when Goslin had a bad season in 1929, Griffith swapped him to the Browns, only to regret it almost immediately. Griffith worked for three years to get him back in time to play on Washington's last flag-winner. Goslin hit .299 with 17 home runs and 104 RBI for St. Louis in 1932.

Lefty O'Doul Wins 1932 National League Bat Title

Three years after he won his second National League batting crown (.368 in 1932), Lefty O'Doul returned to the Pacific Coast League as the player/manager of the San Francisco Seals. O'Doul had a ploy he used to touch off a rally: Pacing the third-base coach's box and waving a white handkerchief.

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