1923 Baseball Season

More 1923 Baseball Season Highlights

Following are some of the other highlights from the 1923 baseball season, including several no-hitters and an unassisted triple play.

  • Pittsburgh's Charlie Grimm sets a National League record by hitting in 23 consecutive games to begin the season.
  • New York's Jack Bentley hits .427, a National League record for pitchers.
  • George Uhle of Cleveland bangs out 52 hits, a season record for pitchers.
  • The Yankees become the first team in history to average less than one error per game.
  • On August 24, Yankee Carl Mays beats the A's for a record 23rd consecutive time.
  • Sam Jones of New York no-hits the A's on September 4.
  • Howard Ehmke of Boston no-hits the A's on September 7.
  • Ehmke loses another no-hitter in his next start on a questionable decision by the official scorer.
  • George Burns, Red Sox first baseman, performs an unassisted triple play on Sept. 14.
  • Ernie Padgett, Braves shortstop, performs an unassisted triple play on Oct. 6.
  • Yankee Everett Scott leads American League shortstops in FA for a record eighth consecutive year.
  • Lou Gehrig debuts with the Yankees, batting .423 in 26 at-bats.
  • Paul Strand of Salt Lake City in the Pacific Coast League collects an OB record 325 hits in a season.
  • Pete Schneider of Vernon in the Pacific Coast League hits five homers and a double in one game.
  • Giant Frankie Frisch leads the National League in hits (223), total bases (311), and runs produced (215).
  • Ruth is the American League runner-up in batting with a .393 BA, his personal best.
  • Ruth's .545 OBP sets a major league record that will stand until 1941.
  • George Sisler, the American League's leading hitter in 1922, is idled all season after sinus surgery and never really recovers his batting eye.
  • Dolf Luque of Cincinnati leads Major League Baseball with 27 wins and a 1.93 ERA.

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