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1918 Baseball Season

1918 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1918 baseball season was the first to be dramatically affected by World War I -- the American and National Leagues both lost players to the war effort. The games went on, however, and legendary players like Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson continued to thrill fans. Read highlights of the 1918 baseball season below.

  • The Red Sox vault back to the top in the American League.

    St. Louis Browns' George Sisler
    St. Louis Browns' George
    Sisler led the American League
    in stolen bases.

  • The Cubs are an easy National League winner.

  • Owing to World War I, the season is ended on Labor Day, Sept. 2.

  • The Red Sox triumph in a six-game World Series that begins on Sept. 5 and ends on Sept. 11, 1918.

  • George Sisler wins the American League stolen base crown with 45.

  • Babe Ruth extends his World Series scoreless streak to 29.2 innings.

  • The players strike prior to game five for higher World Series shares, but then back off.

  • George Whiteman, a career minor leaguer, is the 1918 World Series hero, though he'll never play in the majors again.

  • Ty Cobb leads the American League and the majors at .382.

  • Walter Johnson tops the majors in wins (23) and Ks (162).

  • Walter Johnson pitches 300 or more innings for a record ninth consecutive year.

  • Babe Ruth, still a part-time pitcher, ties for the American League homer lead with 11.

  • Detroit's Bobby Veach collects 78 RBI, most in the majors.

  • Chicago's Hippo Vaughn leads the National League with 22 wins.

  • The majority of the minor leagues shut down in midseason due to the war.

  • Cubs rookie Charlie Hollocher leads the National League in hits with 161.

  • Many players are drafted or else enlist in war, including Cincy manager Christy Mathewson.

  • While in the service, Mathewson is accidentally gassed and subsequently contracts tuberculosis.

  • Philadelphia's Scott Perry tops the American League in innings with 332, an American League rookie record.

  • Scott Perry wins 20 games for the last-place A's, who play just 130 games.

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