1915 Baseball Season

More 1915 Baseball Season Highlights

A surprising no-hitter and the first of what would be many Babe Ruth home runs to come added excitement to the 1915 baseball season. See additional highlights below:

  • Babe Ruth hits his first major league homer on May 5, 1915, off Jack Warhop of the Yankees.
  • Cleveland is first known as the "Indians."
  • Cleveland trades Joe Jackson to Chicago for Braggo Roth and cash.
  • Jimmy Lavender of Chicago no-hits the Giants on August 31.
  • The A's fall to last place with a 43-109 record, down an all-time record 56 games from their 99-53 mark in 1914.
  • Prior to the 1915 baseball season, the White Sox buy Eddie Collins from the A's for $50,000.
  • The Cards lead the National League with 590 runs, the fewest ever by a loop leader.
  • Braves Field opens on August 18 replacing South End Grounds, in existence as an Major League park since 1876.
  • In a switch from 1914, the Red Sox play their 1915 World Series home games in new Braves Field.
  • George Sisler debuts for the Browns -- as a pitcher -- and beats Johnson 2-1.
  • The Tigers have the top three men in RBI in the American League.
  • The Tigers, the last team to wear collars on their uniforms, finally abandon them.
  • The Chalmers Award is discontinued prior to the 1915 season, ending MVP selections until the 1920s.
  • The Federal League folds on December 22.
  • Brooklyn's Benny Kauff is again the Federal League bat champ (.342) and also leads in SA (.509) and steals (55).
  • Giant Larry Doyle tops the National League with a .320 BA, the lowest prior to 1988 to lead the senior loop.
  • On April 24, Ruth is pinch-hit for for the last time, as Hack Cady bats for him.
  • In his big league debut, Bruno Haas of the A's walks an American League record 16 Yankees and loses 15-7.
  • The Giants finish last, despite a 69-83 record.

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