1915 Baseball Season

1915 Baseball Season Highlights

Left-handed pitcher Eddie Plankhad an impressive career record.See more baseball seasons pictures.

The 1915 baseball season was full of surprises -- from the Giants' last-place finish to the Braves taking the 1915 World Series in five games to Babe Ruth's first major-league homer. The Federal League pennant race was exciting but the league still floundered. Despite valiant effort to the contrary, 1915 marked the return to two leagues. You can read more highlights of the 1915 baseball season, below.

  • The Phils win their first National League pennant since their inception in 1883.
  • Eddie Plank becomes the first southpaw to win 300 games.
  • Boston wins the 1915 World Series in five games; Pete Alexander's victory in the opener is all that averts a sweep.
  • In game five, Boston's Harry Hooper hits two short home runs into temporary right field seats.
  • Rube Foster, with two CG wins for Boston, is the 1915 Series hero.
  • Chicago wins the Federal League flag by one percentage point over St. Louis and just four points over Pittsburgh.
  • Ty Cobb leads the American League in BA (.369) and total bases (274), plus runs (144) and hits (208).
  • Cobb steals 96 bases, the Major League record for a 154-game season.
  • As per usual, Walter Johnson tops the American League in wins (27), CGs (35), and Ks (203).
  • Joe Wood's arm recovers enough to allow him to lead the American League in winning percentage (.750) and ERA (1.49).
  • In his first full season Boston's Babe Ruth wins 18 games and hits .315 with four home runs.
  • Alexander tops National League pitchers in wins (313), ERA (122), strikeouts (241), and shutouts (12).
  • Gavvy Cravath hits 24 homers, a new 20th-century Major League record.
  • Cravath also heads the National League in RBI (115), SA (.510), total bases (266), runs (89), and walks (86).
  • Home Run Baker holds out all season, is sold prior to the 1916 campaign to the Yankees for $35,000.
  • The Yankees first wear pinstripes.

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