1914 Baseball Season

1914 Baseball Season Highlights

Johnny Evers was chosen as National League MVP after being traded to the Braves.
Johnny Evers was chosen as National League MVP after being traded to the Braves.

The 1914 baseball season may be best remembered for the "Miracle Braves" comeback triumph, as they won the National League pennant after rising from last place. It's also notable as the debut in the majors of a left-handed kid named Babe Ruth. Below, you'll find highlights of the 1914 baseball season:

  • The Federal League debuts as a third major league.
  • Joe Tinker is one of many former American League and National League stars who jump to the Federal League because it offers more money.
  • Baltimore beats Buffalo on April 13 in the first Federal League game.
  • Indianapolis wins the Federal League by 1-1/2 games over the Chicago Whales, who are managed by Tinker.
  • Indy's Benny Kauff tops the Federal League in BA (.370) and steals (75), and becomes known as the Ty Cobb of the Federal League.
  • The A's win their fourth American League flag in five years.
  • The Braves, in last place on July 4, win their first National League flag of the century.
  • The Braves sweep the heavily favored A's in the 1914 World Series.
  • Catcher Hank Gowdy of Boston hits .545 to lead all World Series hitters.
  • Boston co-aces Dick Rudolph and Bill James each win two 1914 World Series games.
  • The Braves play their 1914 World Series home games in Fenway Park because it seats more than their home park.
  • Johnny Evers, traded to the Braves by the Cubs for Bill Sweeney, wins the 1914 National League Chalmers Award.
  • Eddie Collins is an easy Chalmers winner in the American League.
  • Brooklyn's Jake Daubert is a repeat National League batting champ (.329).

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