1912 Baseball Season

More 1912 Baseball Season Highlights

An unprecedented number of triples and Ty Cobb's suspension -- plus his team's bizarre reaction and the game that resulted -- gave fans plenty to talk about during the 1912 baseball season. See more highlights below:

  • Chief Wilson of the Pirates cracks an all-time record 36 triples.
  • Ted Easterly collects 13 pinch hits, a new record.
  • The Boston National League team is first called the "Braves."
  • New York features the first brother battery -- Homer and Tommy Thompson.
  • Earl Hamilton of the Browns no-hits Detroit on August 30.
  • Jeff Tesreau of the Giants no-hits the Phils on Sept. 6.
  • George Mullin celebrates his birthday by hurling a no-hitter for Detroit over St. Louis on July 4.
  • Ty Cobb is suspended for going into the stands in New York on May 15 to fight with heckler Claude Lueker.
  • On May 18, the Tigers respond to Cobb's suspension by going on strike.
  • The Tigers are forced to use local amateurs in a game at Philadelphia; A's win 24-2.
  • The Red Sox win an American League record 105 games (since broken).
  • Joe Jackson hits an American League record 26 triples.
  • Honus Wagner leads the National League in RBI (102) and runs produced (186).
  • Rube Marquard and Larry Cheney, a Cubs rookie, tie for the National League lead in wins with 26.
  • Walter Johnson wins 33 and also leads the majors in strikeouts with 303.
  • Navin Field (now Tiger Stadium) opens on April 20.
  • Phils owner Horace Fogel is barred from the majors for accusing the Giants and Cards of conspiring to throw the pennant.
  • For the second year in a row, Ed Walsh is the runner-up for the Chalmers Award.
  • Walsh wins 27, tops the American League in innings (393), and sets a new American League record with ten saves.
  • Fenway Park opens on April 20, the Red Sox beating New York 7-6.

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