1912 Baseball Season

1912 Baseball Season Highlights

For baseball fans, 1912 was known as the year of the triple, with Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, and Owen Wilson all setting major league records. Ty Cobb also was notable in this season for his suspension. Below, you will find highlights of the 1912 baseball season:
  • The Red Sox win the American League flag.
  • The Giants repeat in the National League.
  • The Sox win the most exciting World Series to date in seven games (plus one tie).
  • Fred Snodgrass is the goat of the 1912 World Series, as he muffs a fly ball in the tenth inning of the finale.
  • Buck Herzog of the Giants gets 12 hits in the 1912 World Series, a new record.
  • Joe Wood of the Red Sox wins three 1912 World Series games.
  • New York's Christy Mathewson allows only four earned runs in 28.2 innings in the 1912 World Series, but goes 0-2.
  • The Giants' Larry Doyle wins the National League Chalmers Award.
  • Rube Marquard wins a Major League record 19 straight games for the Giants.
  • Joe Wood begins a record-tying skein of 16 straight wins even while Walter Johnson's 16-straight streak is still going.
  • Twice in an 11-day period, Eddie Collins steals six bases in a game.
  • Cub Heinie Zimmerman tops the National League in BA (.372), hits (207), homers (14), and doubles (41).
  • Ty Cobb leads the American League in BA (.410) with his second consecutive .400-plus average.
  • Joe Wood's 34 wins top the American League.
  • Home Run Baker leads the American League in RBI with 130 and ties for the homer crown with ten.
  • Walter Johnson's 1.39 ERA is the best in the majors by a wide margin.

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