1909 Baseball Season

1909 Baseball Season Highlights

Fred Clarke led the Pittsburgh Pirates to their first pennant and first World Series in 1909.See more baseball seasons pictures.

The 1909 baseball season led to the most exciting pennant race to date. The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Detroit Tigers in seven games; thanks in large part to rookie Babe Adams, who held the great Ty Cobb to a single hit in 11 at-bats. Below, you will find highlights from the 1909 baseball season:

  • The Detroit Tigers win their third straight flag.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates win their last National League flag under Fred Clarke.
  • The Pirates win the most exciting World Series to date in seven games.
  • In the 1909 World Series, Honus Wagner hits .333; Cobb hits .231.
  • Pittsburgh rookie Adams wins three Series games.
  • Wagner leads the National League in BA (.339), SA (.489), total bases (242), and RBI (100).
  • Cobb wins the Triple Crown in the American League, batting .377 with nine homers and 107 RBI.
  • Cobb also leads the American League in SA (.517), total bases (296), hits (216), runs (116), and steals (76).
  • The Cubs win 104 games, the most ever by a runner-up team.
  • Detroit's George Mullin leads the American League in wins (29) and winning percentage (.784).
  • Chicago's Frank Smith tops the American League in CGs (37), Ks (177), and innings (365).
  • Harry Krause of A's sets the American League rookie record for lowest ERA (1.39).
  • Forbes Field and Shibe Park open the first all-concrete-and-steel stadiums.
  • On July 9, Cleveland shortstop Neal Ball pulls off the first known unassisted triple play in major league history.
  • Three Finger Brown leads the National League in wins (27), CGs (32), innings (343), and saves (seven).
  • Christy Mathewson posts a 1.15 ERA to top the National League.

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