1904 Baseball Season

1904 Baseball Season Highlights

­John McGraw was known for starting battles --with opponents, umpires, and even fans.See more baseball seasons pictures.

The first ever New York-Boston Pennant race took place during the 1904 baseball season. The season was also marked by record-breaking performances by stars like Jack Chesbro, Cy Young, and Rube Waddell. Below, you will find highlights from the 1904 baseball season:

  • No World Series is played, since the National League pennant-winning Giants call the American League a "minor league" and refuse to play.
  • Giant John McGraw wins his first pennant as manager.
  • The 154-game schedule is adopted.
  • Jack Chesbro's wild pitch gives Boston the American League flag on the last day of the season.
  • Jack Chesbro wins a record 41 games, and sets a 20th-century record with 48 CGs.
  • Joe McGinnity wins 35 and Christy Mathewson 33 for Giants to set a modern teammates tandem record.
  • Honus Wagner leads the National League in BA (.349), SA (.520), total bases (255), and steals (53).
  • Nap Lajoie leads the American League in BA (.376), SA (.552), hits (211), total bases (305), and doubles (49).
  • Rube Waddell fans 349, a record for 154-game season.
  • Cy Young pitches first perfect game in 20th century on May 5, 3-0 over A's and Rube Waddell.
  • Harry Davis of A's leads the American League in homers (ten) for first of four straight seasons.
  • Washington sets new 20th-century record for losses with 113.
  • On June 11, Cub Bob Wicker throws a no-hitter vs. New York for nine innings; loses no-hitter in tenth, but wins game.
  • Boston American League uses just five pitchers all season.
  • John Lush of the Phillies is youngest regular in National League history (18).
  • Giants players, fomented by ump-baiter John McGraw, beat an ump unconscious after a spring game.
  • Cards pitcher Jack Taylor is accused of dumping games, but nothing comes of the charge.
  • Giants clinch the National League flag in a record 137 games.
  • Cy Young allows only 29 walks in 380 innings.
  • The dead-ball era begins in earnest -- Cleveland is the only American League team to average four runs a game.
  • Giant Hooks Wiltse wins his first 12 major league decisions before suffering his first loss.
  • Herman Long retires as the only major league player to make 1,000 or more career errors.
  • Frank Huelsman plays for a record four American League teams in the same year.
  • Ginger Beaumont sets a National League record when he leads the loop in hits for the third straight year.
  • Boston's Bill Dinneen pitches an American League season record 337 innings without being relieved.
  • Jesse Tannehill of Boston no-hits the White Sox on August 17.
  • Brooklyn's Harry Lumley tops the National League in triples (18) and homers (nine).
  • The Giants lead the National League in BA (.262), FA (.956), runs (744), homers (31), steals (283), and ERA (2.17).
  • Jack Chesbro pitches a 20th-century record 455 innings (since broken).
  • Christy Mathewson tops the National League in strikeouts (212) and is the only National Leaguer to fan more than 200.
  • Cleveland leads the American League in runs (647) and BA (.260), but finishes only fourth.
  • Cy Young's ten shutouts top the majors.
  • The National League has 366 more stolen bases than the American League and scores 441 more runs.
  • Kid Nichols wins 21 games for lowly Cardinals after being out of game for two seasons.
  • Jack Chesbro and Jack Powell set American League teammates tandem record with 64 wins between them.

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